The Marriage Covenant is the most sacred Covenant that the LORD JESUS CHRIST ever consummated between a MAN and a WOMAN. The Fact is that JESUS compares the woman's body to the Temple in Jerusalem in a way that, When the Woman is born, God lets her be born a VIRGIN. what is the purpose of the woman being a Virgin at Birth? The Woman is born with a Veil Covering her Holy of Holy's, So that when JESUS brings her the Man that HE has intended for her as her "High Priest" that he may be the ONLY one to be allowed behind the "Curtain" this happens when she has intercourse with him the very FIRST time. Once he has entered her Holy of Holy's their is an issue of Blood that comes forth when the Veil tears from him entering her most sacred place.

When this takes place their is a life long BLOOD COVENANT between him, her, and the LORD. From this moment on they are MARRIED in the eyes of God.

This is why Adam (in the very first prophecy in the Bible stated) 
in Genesis 2:24 "Therefore Shall a MAN leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his WIFE (NOT Girlfriend, or Fiance) and the two shall become ONE flesh" .

Because the Minute the two enter into BLOOD COVENANT they are no longer two but ONE in the eyes of the LORD. Also in genesis 4:1 the Bible says "and Adam knew Eve his WIFE, and she conceived..." How did she become his wife without a Pastor, or a Marriage license? Well first of all their was no one to officiate the service, However we must realize that WORLDLY marriage ceremonies were instituted by man, for an outward sign of becoming one. GOD on the other hand sees a man and a woman as Husband and wife as married and as one from the very first time that he tears the vial by entering the most holy place.

Now we come to the problem in the body of Christ, that Churches are afraid to tell their people the truth about the Lords Marriage COVENANT for the fear of loosing "Members". This however is the reason that their is so much SIN in the body of Christ, Because if we let our Sons and Daughters go out and date "Boyfriends, and Girlfriends" before marriage and before they are 100% sure that this is their Partner for LIFE. Our Kids wind up getting married through the blood Covenant, and EVERY other relationship after that FIRST one, is either Fornication if not married by the World, or Adultery even if you are married to your FIRST husband by the Worlds standards or NOT. Because once you lost your virginity to someone ladies , you and the man are married for LIFE !

Now GOD realizes that many of you never knew this and are probably married to a Husband that you love and who loves you. IF you wish to come out of the Adultery you are committing in the eyes of GOD by NOT being with your legal Husband in God's eyes, Then the LORD has shown me, that both of you MUST come before HIM and REPENT of your unknown Sin of not staying with your Blood Covenant Partner, and Ask HIM to cleanse you from all past UNGODLY Soul Ties that came about through the other past Sexual relationships that you have had in your life, and ask the LORD to sanctify your current MARRIAGE with a Supernatural BLOOD COVENANT between the three of you. THIS HOWEVER IS A ONE TIME OPPORTUNITY.

Also those BELIEVERS who are in a Non-Marital relationship with boyfriends and girlfriends, need to get married to each other before man, and then ask GOD to give them a Supernatural Blood Covenant with one another. REPENT and get your relationships HOLY before JESUS COMES, because afterwords it will be to late. Remember what JESUS warns us about in Rev. 21:8